Welcome to EquiVet Care


Thank you for your interest in participating in EquiVet's Virtual Examination Alpha Test!

This Is a Test To Help Develop The Platform

Our goal is to make the process of understanding your pet's health concerns easy, reliable, and accessible while SAVING YOU MONEY. We want to give you tools that recognize when your pet needs to see a veterinarian, keep track of your pet's health status and records, and connect with a licensed veterinarian virtually or in-person quickly and affordably. To do this we are working with world-class technologists, veterinarians, and passionate pet owners who have spent countless hours developing a reliable algorithm that gives you the answers you need.

Things to consider:

1. Our alpha test might not have your horse's health concern included yet. Since this is the first test, we have a limited number of ailments and issues that we included. Please do not rely on the information provided to you from the virtual examination.

2. This test only focuses on horses, however, we will launch the full platform for horses, dogs, and cats in AUGUST 2021.

3. Being the first public test of this system, there could be bugs we have not identified yet.

4. Your feedback is IMPORTANT. We are making this platform for your peace of mind and to keep your equine companion healthy and happy :)

Thank you again for your support!